Welcome to Phoenix Rising Services.

We're new in the Phoenix, AZ area, but we're not new to technical services and training. We have over 20 years of experience in the field.

Mac & PC Training

We offer training services in the Phoenix area.

We'll help you figure out your new Mac, PC or iPhone/iPod; more importantly we'll help you have fun while you do it.

We'll offer training on iPhoto, iLife, iWork, Photoshop Elements 9, and general usage of your Mac or PC, stuff like how to read your email, surf the web, or watch a movie.

Do you love your shiny new iPhone or iPod, but just can't figure out what to do with it? We'll show you how to use it to its greatest capacity.

We specialize in training "seniors". We know it's not the easiest thing to for you to do, learning how to use these new gadgets and toys that seem to pop up daily, so we'll help you understand them, and help you keep in touch with your loved ones. Wait until little Suzy sees what Grandma can do!

Logo Design

On a budget? Need a logo designed quickly and with a minimum of hassle? Want a responsive designer that will listen to what you want and need? Phoenix Rising Services has the logo design service for you.

Web Development

Need a website for your club or business? Want it done quickly and efficiently, and come in under budget? Contact Phoenix Rising Services. We can create any type of website you'd like; from a 6 page brochure site all the way up to an e-business site.

iOS Apps

We also offer fun iPhone apps available through the Apple App Store. Make sure to check our iOS Apps page, we'll let you know there every time we release a new or updated app. Our first app is: "Items for a Lull in Conversation". This app will come up with fun tidbits and "facts" you can use to fill a lull in conversation. Just touch the screen, and Voila! There's a new fun fact to share with your relatives, friends, or just people riding on the same bus with you, if you're into that.

Won't You Join Us?

As we step out into the hot mid-day sun of the Phoenix area, we look forward to growing with you, and offering new services to local users and web users as we move forward.

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